Governing The Commonwealth and Teacher's Guide

Civics Book

Written for middle school students, Governing The Commonwealth provides an introduction to Virginia's government: its structure, processes, powers, and scope. The author has written an accessible guide to Virginia's government that not only covers the overall structure but also includes information about Virginia's constitution and historical information about the people and the land. Each chapter includes two highlighted sections—"Why It Matters" and "How It's Done in the Other States"—that allow students to deepen their understanding and make comparisons to other locations. Amy Smith, a veteran FCPS teacher, assisted the author to ensure that it would be understood by the students and that it covered current SOL requirements.


The Fascinating and Controversial Story of Fairfax County's Growth and Economic History

Fairfax Book

The Fight for Fairfax: A Struggle for a Great American County presents the efforts of a group of local citizens in Fairfax County, Virginia, to invent a place that would be more than a suburb of Washington, D.C. The reader journeys from Fairfax's old frontier to its prominence today as a nexus of commerce, industry and government.

Spectrum Creative, LLC was commissioned to coordinate and guide the production from design to printing. In conjunction with publisher George Mason University Press, Spectrum also developed a dramatic 32-page photo gallery, to illustrate the story succinctly.

Many renowned county officials, real estate developers, education leaders, engineers and defense contractors who were involved in the county's growth attended a recent reception to celebrate the book's publication—including Til Hazel, George Johnson, Sid Dewberry, Jerry Halpin, Milt Peterson, Bill Hazel, John Toups, Dwight Schar and Earle Williams. Former Virginia Governor Gerald Baliles was keynote speaker.

The book is available at Amazon.com.

250 Years in Fauquier County: A Virginia Story Celebrates Fauquier's Anniversary

Fairfax BookPublished in December 2008 by George Mason University Press, this book tells the story of Fauquier County's role in the American Revolution, the Western Migration, Slavery, the Civil War, the Great Depression of the 1930s and World War II. How Fauquier met the challenge of maintaining its unique rural character and beauty amidst the technological changes and population pressures of the past fifty years is also presented in this significant contribution to Virginia history.

The publication of the book was planned by the Fauquier Historical Society as an important commemoration of Fauquier's 250th anniversary. Spectrum Creative designed the book in three formats—hardcover with dust jacket, softcover and a special custom-bound leather gift edition—and directed the various printers and binderies through all the details. The book contains beautiful historic photos and illustrations throughout and features a number of engaging sidebars and a colorful photo gallery midway.

The book is available in Fauquier County bookstores and online at Amazon.com.

Cable Industry Book Wins PIVA Best in Print Award

Wired To WinWired to Win: Entrepreneurs of the American Cable Industry by Charlottesville, VA-based historian Kathi Ann Brown, designed by Spectrum, wins Best in Print for case-bound books in 2004. The awards are given each year by the Printing Industries of Virginia and are decided on the basis of design and printing quality. The book relates how the nation's first cable television systems began in a handful of rural communities in 1948 to the multifaceted, multibillion-dollar enterprise it is today, delivering news, entertainment and information around-the-clock to millions of homes and offices across the U.S. and around the world.

Marketing Collateral Garners a Second PIVA Win for Spectrum

Vibrant BrochureA brilliantly colorful design caught the eye of PIVA judges a second time in 2004 when they awarded another Best in Print for the marketing campaign collateral Spectrum produced for Fairfax, VA-based Vibrant Solutions, a leader in cost and revenue management for the telecommunications industry.